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Jim Trout | Illustration & Design | 317-69O-51O1 |

My name is Jim Trout and I’m an illustrator and designer based out of Indianapolis.

I have experience collaborating with engineers, manufacturers, and marketing departments to establish commercial and consumer products. This includes packaging, sales materials, accompanying illustrations, literature, and product assembly instructions.

About Pixlplay

Pixlplay was established in 1996 to accommodate small businesses that could not afford to work with agencies or have an in-house designer. In 2008 it was expanded to become a full service studio providing product illustrations, package design, logo design, corporate identity as well as web design and maintenance. In 2014 video production was added. Currently the service is only available in the UK, but will expand to the US soon.

About Jim Trout

I have been providing design and illustration services to a very broad range of clients for over 30 years. It all began in the dark ages when ink came from a bottle and pencils needed sharpened. Back then architectural engineering and mechanical drafting were solid career choices but severely lacking in creativity. I left a dead-end corporate position to return to school for graphic design. Computers hit critical mass at the very moment I was trying to figure out how to combine drafting and design, as well as trying to satisfy my own addiction to technology. As a result of this odd fusion, I became the guy who could tear your computer apart, illustrate each piece, and hand you an instruction manual so you could put it back together yourself. Troubleshooting and organization were added to my resume and I became the systems support for several businesses. Being able to control a job from concept to production while keeping the entire department running smoothly is something I love doing and I’m very good at it.
tl;dr  I’m not Batman, but I’m a damn good Alfred.

About Evan Trout

Evan is a young, talented, and award winning cinematographer who has been a part of the team since 2014. Although he is just starting his career he still brings an impressive range of cinematography skills and experience to Pixlplay. As a member of the Pixlplay staff, Evan is currently located in London providing cinematography services as well as documenting his own personal travels throughout Europe. You can see some of his professional work here and his travel videos here.

I can provide you and your business with these and other related services.

  • Graphic Design
  • Technical Illustration
  • Print Production
  • Photography and Photo Retouch
  • Web Production and Maintenance
  • Graphics Standards
  • Mac Systems Management
  • Cinematography
  • Video Production